2hr Scaravelli-influenced Yoga workshop
@ Yoga Bodhi, Bath

Friday 22 March 7-9pm, Yoga Bodhi, 8 Bartlett Street, Bath BA1 2QZ Cost £20 early bird, £25. Booking: Essential.

With the benefit of two teachers for instruction and gentle hands-on guidance where appropriate, Kate Fox and Jessica Adams create a relaxed, supportive space in which to enjoy asana and movement at your own pace. There will be time for questions and to explore slowly, allowing for a deeper sense of enquiry in your practice. 

We will move towards postures in a way that gently guides you towards an understanding of the subtle connections within your body. Working with a meditative attention and focus, we will explore how breath and gravity can help you find an easeful way into postures – feeling your way into the postures from the inside, rather than imposing an external idea of what they should look like on the outside. In this way, we allow ourselves to be guided by the body's intelligence.

Inspired by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli, Jess and Kate will help you find your body's unique alignment, resting into gravity, releasing breath and tension, and all the while unravelling postural habits. This will enable you to build strength and resilience, while allowing the body to return to and remain in its natural state of rest and relaxation. This approach essentially leads us to a more sensitive way of being in our bodies and complements and enhances all styles of yoga.

I love Jessica’s yoga classes. Finding movement within the postures and feeling in to how my body is today. Classes are held with a sensitivity to the needs of each of the students present.
— Alistair Edmunds, Somatic Movement Educator
Scaravelli-influenced yoga was a new take on Yoga for me, one which I found impacting and beneficial to the core. From the first class my body felt a happier body to be in and I learnt an increased awareness of my movements. Finding focus and calm in my mind was challenging at times but each week I was eager to engage with the releasing, empowering energy of the class. The sessions also miraculously healed a serious knee problem that a chiropractor and physiotherapist hadn’t yet been able to find a way to help me with! Jess was a very intuitive and observant teacher, who seemed able to put her finger on whatever it was the group was experiencing, and go with the feeling.
— Frances
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2hr Saturday Morning workshops, Monthly, Arnos Vale, BRISTOL

Saturdays 9.30am to 11.30am Arnos Vale,  A4 Bath Road, Brislington, BS4 3EW. 
Cost: £22 or book three for £54. Booking: Essential. 

Dates 2019:
19 January – Spielman Centre
9 February – Spielman Centre
23 March – Spielman Centre
27 April – Spielman Centre
18 May – Spielman Centre

Join Jessica Adams and Kate Fox for an extended 2hr Scaravelli-inspired yoga workshop in the lush and tranquil setting of Arnos Vale. 

Movement looks better and feels better, when we have a well balanced alignment. We will rebalance the body by exploring how to undo postural habits and patterns, release muscular tension, and gradually build strength and resilience in body and mind, helping us move effortlessly towards posture and breathing.

These workshops are great for beginners and returners, as well as improvers wanting to gain a refined understanding of movement and posture and how to develop a lifelong, sustainable and injury-free practice.

The Arnos Vale workshops are my favourite time of the month. Two hours of thoughtful, relaxing, energising yoga in a beautiful setting with two very generous and experienced teachers.
What’s not to love?
— Jo
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I have been to lots of different yoga classes in the past and Jess is by far the best I have been too. I found it an easy, creative, warm and comfortable environment. She is an incredible teacher who has so much knowledge, wisdom and clarity.
— Anna