Women's Wisdom Series

A series of three, 3hr workshops focusing on transformative stages of the women's life cycle: Peri-menopause, Menstrual Health, and Fertility & Conception. These workshops provide a warm, welcoming space in which to explore your experiences with other women, and to look at the ways in which we can cast a positive light and understanding on women's life cycles.

You will be guided toward self-care practices and anchors to help you find ease and balance, including nutrition and herbs. The session incorporates restorative yoga and movement to promote relaxation, release and pelvic health, with simple meditations and yoga nidra to help you balance your energy, and enjoy deep rest and a sense of renewed strength, vitality and creativity.

NEW DATE: Saturday 19 January 2019, Trika Yoga, North Street, Bristol BS3. 4.30pm to 7.30pm.

Peri-menopause is the period leading up to menopause. It can begin in the mid- to late 30s and last six to 13 years. It is often a time of uncertainty, in which we begin to re-evaluate our lives, reflect on what has passed, and realign with a deeper sense of self. Irregular and erratic periods, as well as pelvic floor imbalances and other symptoms, can be disconcerting and we may feel like we have lost our centre. However, this is the time in our lives in which we have the opportunity to step into our clarity, wisdom and power.

‘No other stage of a woman’s life has as much potential for understanding and tapping into woman’s power as this one.’ 
Dr Christiane Northrup

Menstrual Health – Future Dates TBC.
The menstrual cycle is an important indicator of women’s wellbeing. When things go awry, this is often reflected in our menstrual health. Rather than viewing menstruation as an inconvenience or problem, however, we can instead choose to listen to the wisdom of our bodies and discover how an understanding of the rhythm of the menstrual cycle can connect us with flow and creativity in our lives.

‘We can reclaim the wisdom of the menstrual cycle by tuning in to our cyclic nature and celebrating it as a source of our female power. The ebb and flow of dreams, creativity and hormones associated with different parts of the cycle offer us a profound opportunity to deepen our connection with our inner knowing.’
Dr Christiane Northrup

 Fertility & Conception – Future Dates TBC.
Planning for a baby can be an exciting, and also uncertain, time in a woman’s life as she prepares the way to welcome new life into the world. Developing awareness of the menstrual cycle to support conception, as well as preparing emotionally and physically to become a mother can nurture and deepen a woman’s relationship with herself and her body.

‘When you tend a garden you don't seek to control it; take the same approach with your body. Tend to your body tenderly, without trying to control it.' Emma Cannon

Any questions, email jessica@yoja.co.uk or call 07818 407 796.