Trusting your emotions, a quote from Reginald Ray

When we breathe into our body and are fully present… we find that emotions come. When they do come, we go through some kind of process, and then they go, and there is no problem in any of it. How can this be? It can be because we are identifying with a deeper part of ourself. We have unplugged our thinking mind for the moment, and then we are there, just in our body, with what is occurring there. We experience the emotions and feelings with no sense of pressure to do anything about them. Of course, when we do this, our conceptual mind is always hovering in the background, our fear tempting us to do something. Frequently, we exit into thinking. So then the practice is to keep coming back to the body, and feeling what we are feeling.

From Touching Enlightenment: Finding Realization in the Body by Reginald Ray, Sounds True, Boulder, Colorado (2008).