Yoga with Jessica Adams

Yoga will help you feel better in your body and calmer in your mind, so that you can thrive on a daily basis and live well into your life. 

Influenced by the teachings of the late Vanda Scaravelli and those practicing in her spirit, Jessica's philosophy is keep it simple, work at your own pace, enjoy the now –and cultivate habits that will make you stronger, physically and mentally, for the future.

Jessica offers General Yoga classes for every body, Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes for expectant mums, and Postnatal Yoga for mums with their babies from birth to crawling. Sessions are friendly, welcoming and open
to all abilities.

Jessica is a humble, wonderful and inspiring woman and yoga teacher. Her yoga classes are unpretentious and truly relaxing. Your body works hard without realising. Jessica’s teaching is subtle and helps you to connect with your body in a different way. It is not about pushing your stretch further, but about listening. Classes are always well planned, thought provoking, and taught from the heart. So much passion, love, energy, care and inner wisdom shines through every class.
— Tashi