Yoga with Jessica Adams

Yoga is a way of moving with the breath and postures (asanas) to release tension, undo postural habits and gradually build strength and resilience in the body and mind. You work at your own pace, so you can adapt the practices to your own needs. It is not about performing impossible poses, but rather making friends with your body, finding a way to be fit, healthy and comfortable in yourself, and enjoying a sense of freedom in body and mind.

Yoga has universal benefits for people of all ages and stages of life. Enjoying this form of movement on a regular basis helps you to cultivate habits that will make you stronger, physically and mentally. It will also help you to develop body awareness so that you move well – more efficiently and effectively – in your day to day life, experiencing increased vitality and being less prone to injury.

Jessica's teaching explores postures in a way that brings the natural movement and the body's beautifully balanced anatomy to life. She offers General Yoga classes and workshops for all levels and abilities, Pregnancy Yoga and Birth Preparation classes for expectant mums, and Postnatal Yoga for mums with their babies from birth to crawling. This Autumn Jessica will be running a series of three 3hr workshops focusing on Women's Wisdom through the life cycles – Peri-menopause, Menstrual Health and Fertility & Conception. 
All Sessions are friendly, welcoming and open to every body.

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I’m completely converted to this type of gentle yet powerful and considered way of practising. Jessica creates a beautiful, calming, heart centred space in which to explore and learn new ways to move in your body. I found Jessica’s pregnancy classes supportive and grounding and it was so reassuring to be surrounded by women on a similar journey, where not only did we free up and move in our changing bodies but we were taught about many aspects of the pregnancy and birth process. I’ve loved attending both the general yoga and pregnancy classes and would highly recommend to anyone.
— Sarah
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Jessica is a humble, wonderful and inspiring woman and yoga teacher. Her yoga classes are unpretentious and truly relaxing. Your body works hard without realising. Jessica’s teaching is subtle and helps you to connect with your body in a different way. It is not about pushing your stretch further, but about listening. Classes are always well planned, thought provoking, and taught from the heart. So much passion, love, energy, care and inner wisdom shines through every class.
— Tashi